Lip Blush Semi Permanent Makeup


Lip blush Semi Permanent Makeup

Lip Blush semi permanent makeup defines the outline of your mouth but gives a more softer natural look and more symmetry to the lips. A subtle blush colour is added to your lip liner blending the liner into your body of the lips but not all the way through the lip.

Semi Permanent LIPS
The perfect way to balance the lips and correct tiny imperfections. It can restore your shape and fullness often lost with age and transform thin and uneven lips. A large range of colours are available to blend with your natural lip colour or your favourite lipstick, the choice is yours! This will be designed especially for you on the day of treatment.

Semi Permanent EYEBROWS
Eyebrows really do make a massive difference, they will frame the face, can make you appear younger and draw attention to the eye area. A blend of medical grade mineral pigments is mixed for each client, so semi-permanent makeup is suitable for all hair & skin colours.

Semi Permanent HAIRSTROKE
Hair Strokes effect brow technique is used to mimic natural hairs using the finest nano needles to create tiny individual hairs. Pigment are implanted under the skin to create a natural looking brow. This is an ideal treatment for people who have experienced hair loss and don’t want a really obvious made up brow. This is the most natural of all looks offered.  

Semi Permanent POWDERED BROWS 
This technique mimics the ‘effect’ you achieve when you use a brow powder or pencil. It offers a ‘blocked in’ appearance as the pigment is applied using a technique that covers the brow area from the inner brow through to the tail in one block colour. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more ‘made up’ look. When healed, you will enjoy a permanent, defined but soft powdered look

Liberate yourself from your brow pencil. Create more volume and shape in your brow with the addition of a few expertly placed natural looking micro fine hair strokes. This eyebrow tattoo technique is excellent for balancing asymmetrical brows and filling in gaps leaving you with beautiful naturally shaped and full brows. The hair strokes are created with the Nano needle, finest most advanced needle available

Semi Permanent EYES
Semi-permanent eyeliner can dramatically define the eyes, creating a lasting beautiful look that doesn’t smudge or run.

Our eyeliner and eyelash enhancement treatment ensures there is no smudging, no running, no panda eyes, swim proof, gym proof and will survive through everything.

You can choose between natural eyelash enhancement to the ultra-precise liquid liner look and though black is the most common colour, other colours are offered. Top and/or bottom can be done If you are not sure, we can help you.

This gives a darker thicker looking lash making a more defined eye, opening the eyes and giving the illusion of size. A fine line of pigment is placed through the base of the lash line.

Semi Permanent EYELINER
This is a thicker line that runs through and above the lashes giving the look of a conventional eyeliner. Thickness and placement will be discussed prior to treatment to ensure we obtain your desired results.

Semi Permanent LIP LINER
A line to define the outline of your lips, adding shape and definition. Ideal if you wish to spend less time applying makeup.

Semi Permanent FULL LIP COLOUR
An overall colour is placed through your lips giving you the full lipstick look with the maximum definition

Semi-Permanent Makeup – From £149

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