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Treatment Price List

Wet Cut £22
Curly Blow Dry £20/30
Blow Dry £20
Cut & Blow Dry £37
Restyle £45
Full Head Foils £74
Half Head Foils £54
Full Colour Tint £50
Regrowth £40

(hair cut £15 extra)

Hair Up £25-30
Chemical Hair Straightening £65
Perm £65


Rapture Hair Extensions

The combination of twenty two natural hair shades and Rapture Party’s twenty fun colours provides a versatile pallete of creative opportunity. These can be mixed to create stunning looks or matched with existing hair for a more subtle approach.

For flexibility and ease of use, Rapture and Rapture Evolution are supplied in convenient 3cm wide strips. Both these products are always available in two lengths, 25cm for shorter styles and 40cm for longer looks.

The natural hair used to create Rapture is only sourced from approved suppliers, ensuring the systems reputation for quality and conformity is relentlessly maintained.

Versatile, reusable and undetectable

Rapture has been developed using the finest, lightest application strips currently available. As a result, this versatile extension system is virtually undetectable when integrated correctly. So much so, your clients will forget they’re there!

However, the subtle delicacy of the Rapture system hides an underlying strength. Each application lasts up to six weeks, and even longer in well-maintained hair. After this point it can be gently removed, reapplied and restyled, providing a whole new lease of life.

Rapture 100% Human Hair Extensions can be treated just like your own hair, this high quality hair can be cut and styled to suit the individual needs of each client from sleek and straight to sumptuous curls, any look can be achieved.